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Welcome to Outlier Surf.  We work to build community, share the stoke and grow inland surfing through accessible equipment, knowledge and experiences.

Learn to River Surf

No Surf Experience Necessary

Our lesson packages are perfect for anyone who is looking for a hands-on introduction to river surfing. You may register for this alone or with friends!

We have partnered with Vida Surf Travel to offer authentic surf experiences and combine our passions of surfing with our love for community. 

This is designed for those of you who want to plan a group outing, team building activity or corporate event that challenges the norm!

About Outlier

We define an outlier as someone who seeks adventure, fosters a unique community and challenges the norm. Our company strives to grow Calgary’s surf community one wave at a time. We provide you with everything you need to jump on board: Gear, Lessons, and Support.

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