Private Surf House

Perched on a secluded hilltop, this beautiful home has stunning views of the bay, ocean, and sunset.  We are conveniently located just 5 minutes from the beach and many of the bars and restaurants in town. 


The House:

San Juan Del Sur:


Located 5 minutes from the beach, easy access to town, and full of tropical vibes; this is the perfect home base for your surf trip to San Juan Del Sur. With a heated pool, large deck overlooking the ocean, and a comfortable lounge and hang out area - this house is ideal for relaxing after an eventful day of surfing.  ​

On the first level, there is a heated pool with epic views of the Pacific Ocean.  This is the perfect vantage point for our morning yoga classes and an even better location to soak in the beautiful sunsets in the evening. 

The second level of the home is another large communal space which includes a lounge, pool table, and bar. There is no better place to hang with our crew and share the days experiences. 

San Juan Del Sur is a charming town, rich in culture and famous for its epic surf breaks.  We love it for its welcoming vibe, world renowned beaches and colourful vibe. Whether you'd like to catch a beach side happy hour, get lost staring into the sunsets, or enjoy the town's energy, San Juan Del Sur has it all. 


This is a place where the locals will embrace you through the simple warmth of a smile, where the streets are full of cafes, artwork, and restaurants, and where the surf breaks consistently all year round.  

San Juan Del Sur accommodates all surfers with waves ranging from 2-5 feet allowing beginners to catch their first green waves, or for experienced surfers to continually challenge their ability.  We have carefully selected this location as a place to indulge the culture of Central America and to truly share the stoke of surfing. 

There are a total of 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with a variety of bedding arrangements in the house. Each room is clean, fully air conditioned, and includes all your bedding. 

The Rooms

Room 1:

King Bed

Ensuite Bathroom


Room 3: 

Queen Bed

Single Bed

Shared Bathroom

Room 4: 

Double Bed

Double Bed

Ensuite Bathroom

Room 2:

Queen Bed

Bunk Bed

Shared Bathroom

Room 4: 

Queen Bed

Single Bed

Ensuite Bathroom

Room 6:

Double Bed

Double Bed

Ensuite Bathroom

  • Full kitchen and bar on terrace

  • 6 bathrooms

  • Rapid WiFi service

  • Air conditioned

  • Ocean-view pool to enjoy the spectacular sunsets  

  • Ocean-view yoga deck for daily classes  

  • Indoor & outdoor lounges to relax and socialize   

  • Training area for surf fundamentals

  • Screening room for photo & video review

  • 5 minute walk to beach, restaurants, shops and bars 

Services & Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Are flights included in the listed package prices?
No, you’ll need to make your own way there. We will pick you up from the International airports in Liberia or Managua. 

Can my start-date be flexible?
An important part of what makes this trip so special is the way our guests connect throughout the week.   Therefore, the dates listed are the only start dates. However, you are welcome to continue travelling through the area before or after the start and end dates of our trip. In fact, we encourage it!

Am I able to book a room to myself? 
The best, and only way to book a single room for yourself is to book the entire room.

How do we book different levels of surf instruction for the week? 
We will have surf instructors working with you for 2.5 hours per day at a 1:3 instructor to surfer ratio. This allows us to give you surf lessons for whatever skill level you are at.

How many total spots are available on the trip? 

We have limited the number of spots on this trip to 12 guests. This allows our guests to create meaningful connections throughout the week. 

Can we go into town for food? 

Yes!! The local food in Nicaragua is delicious. We highly recommend you engage with the local culture, explore the fresh food markets, or relax at one of the beach side restaurants.  We also have a full size kitchen in our house for you to prepare your own meals. 

Early Bird Pricing Available Until January 25th