Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes we do! Please send an email to and we would be happy to schedule a private lesson at your convenience. The lesson will include your surfboard, wetsuit, booties, helmet, and pfd. Although no prior surfing experience is needed, you must be a strong swimmer.

Do you offer lessons in the Kananaskis

Not currently. The Kananaskis wave is not meant for beginners and we strongly encourage people to learn at the 10th Street Wave in downtown Calgary. Our lessons are designed to teach you the fundamental river surfing and safety skills that will allow you to progress to surfing the Kananaskis wave comfortably.

How does river surfing compare to ocean surfing?

Let us tell you! River waves are always consistantly working. This means you can get as many surfs as you'd like in a session and they will be there all year round. The waves in Alberta are wide, powerful, and allow you to make big turns as if you were surfing an ocean wave. Ocean waves vary significantly in size, quantity, and quality which make learning how to surf quite difficult for a beginner. Not to mention the local surf culture that can typically be quite intimidating. We use the same equipment and surfing technique as an ocean wave in a beginner friendly culture. It becomes an excellent training ground for ocean surf destinations.

Can I book a corporate event with you?

Absolutely! We love doing corporate and team building activities. These can be tailored to your liking and make for a great afternoon. Please email to book an event!

Do you offer youth lessons?

Not currently. We are working with the Alberta-RSA to offer youth life saving programs. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

How cold is the water?

The Bow River durirng our river surfing season is between 18 - 19 degrees celsius. This is much warmer than Tofino, British Columbia (Canada's most popular surf destination) which is only an average of 13 degrees celsius.

What type of surfboard do I need?

We strongly recommend using a river specific surfboard. These boards use a high performance foam that won't damage if they strike the bottom of the river. You will want a board that is under 5'10" and above 30L of volume. Check out our online shop for the most popular river surfing boards.

What type of wetsuit do I need?

We recommend wearing a 4/3mm suit. This will keep you warm in our river waves between the months of May - October. A 4/3 suit is also the recommended thickness for many ocean breaks including Tofino and down the west coast.

What months of the year can you river surf?

The Kananaskis Wave runs all year round; however we don't recommend this wave for beginners. The 10th Street Wave typically works 6 months of the year between the months of March - May, and July - September. These waves are all flow dependent and it is recommended to check out the flow rates before heading out.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes!!! We can't stress that enough. Rivers are an extremely powerful body of water and you must be a strong swimmer to navigate the currents. We also recommend taking a lesson to learn more about white water safety skills and understanding the risks associated with rivers.

Is river surfing safe?

All river activity has inherent risks. Our lessons are designed to show you how to nagivate these rivers in a safe manner. Check out our blog post for more detailed safety information.