Outlier Surf - August 21, 2019 -  Albert

Outlier Surf Club

Our mission is to support the development of the Calgary surf community. We will be hosting a variety of events throughout the year to keep us connected to one another. Proceeds from these events will go directly back into the community and you will decide where the money goes.

Our Support

We have seen the positive impacts of surf and community on so many individuals, and want to continue spreading stoke to old and new surfers alike. 


In the spirit of being completely transparent, 50% of monies raised from our events will go back into the community. When you sign up as a club member or attend any Outlier Club event, you will have a voice in which community projects to support.

As a member you're allowing us to: 

  • Fund Calgary surf development projects 

  • Build and nurture the Calgary surf community 

  • Listen to and deliver your Voice Board suggestions

We will select the projects and you will vote to let us know which ones you want to see funded. 

  • Outlier Surf Club

    Club membership is free. We encourage you to sign up today!
    Valid for one year
    • Vote on community projects we fund
    • 5% off surf gear and events
    • Monthly Newsletters
    • Invited to community appreciation events
    • New friendships and experience the love of community!
Outlier Surf - August 21, 2019 -  Albert