Inland Surfing Culture

Updated: May 30, 2020

Although we like to consider our sport to be fairly unique, we think it is our community that really makes us a one-of-a-kind company. We define an outlier as someone who seeks adventure, fosters community and challenges the norm, and we are working to grow this community with other like-minded individuals.

Some of our favourite moments while river surfing have actually taken place outside of the water; whether it was on the beach or at a community event, the key ingredient is always the people. A large part of what makes this culture so special are the unwritten rules and values that have slowly evolved over the years: respect, safety and giving back.


Respect for our rivers, our community and our waves is important for the longevity of the sport. We only have two waves and a community of surfers that is growing rapidly. With so many people looking to get a taste of this rad sport, we suggest that you try to keep each ride on the wave to approximately 30 seconds in length. This will help to reduce the traffic jam that will otherwise quickly build up. With that being said, a huge element of maintaining a positive culture is to demonstrate respect for the surfers who are on the wave or in the water.


As with any sport, there is risk involved. Our community places a large emphasis on keeping everyone safe from dangers associated with swimming in a moving body of water. If you or another community member sees an unsafe action, help us to educate about river safety. On the flip side, if someone gives you some safety tips, understand that they are working to keep you safe! If you are not sure about river safety or how to get started in the sport, our lessons cover all of the necessary safety information and will help you to get comfortable on the wave.

Giving Back:

We are so lucky to have such great waves in Calgary and we want to make sure that they are maintained. The Alberta River Surfing Association has played such a huge role in growing this sport. In order to ensure that our community has a clean and beautiful place to surf, we encourage you to leave the surf sites cleaner than you found them; leave no trace. In the spirit of giving back, we will be hosting an annual river clean-up to help keep our banks clean.

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