Infiniti Hooded 5/4

Wetsuit Type: Women's fullsuit

Thickness: 5mm with 4mm panels in strategic areas

Neoprene: Upper body is Channel Flex (brand new for winter 19/20, suuuuper stretchy), lower body is Ultra Flex (Xcel's high-end neoprene from previous years). Channel Flex is a lightweight, hydrophobic (i.e. water-repellant), gridded material – it's made in a similar way to O'Neill's TechnoButter but aims for a more even balance between warmth and flex (TB probably overdoes the flex at the expense of warmth).

Lining: Chest and back get Radiant Rebound (another new addition for this winter), Plush Thermo Lite lines the lower body.

Radiant Rebound: Softer and cosier than other Xcel linings, the brand new Radiant Rebound features a metallic layer under the textile that rebounds heat (keeping it in) and cold (keeping it out)

Plush Thermo Lite: Works on the same principles as Xcel's Thermo Dry Celliant, with special yarns that convert body heat into infrared energy, but not as thick or heavy-duty as TDC.

Entry: Chest zip, featuring a neat magnetic closure that snaps satisfyingly shut, and a strip of silicone that keeps water out of the "semi-dry" zipper.

Also Worth Noting: Smoothskin chest and back (that's the wind- and water-resistant shiny stuff, often called single-lined neoprene); Nexskin wrist and ankle seals (liquid neoprene strips); comfort-enhancing flex grooves behind the knee (no more bunching); and glideskin collar (less flush-through, less neck rub).

Eco Credentials: Water-based glues (no nasty VOCs); dope-dyed yarns (massive savings on water and energy); scrap rubber tyres pyrolyzed into carbon black (one of the key ingredients in neoprene); limestone-derived neoprene (marginally better than petrochemcial alternatives); plastic bottles recycled into polyester yarns (used the stretch jersey fabric that lines the neoprene).

Infiniti Hooded 5/4

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